How Much Does Owners Invest in Restaurant App development?

 Let’s start with a basic question that comes to the mind of every restaurant CEO or companies marketing advisor... 

Why Is it important to invest in food delivery apps?  


The rise of online-to-offline (O2O) platforms, which combine digital advertising and in-person sales of goods and services, has significantly disrupted the restaurant industry. For example, food delivery apps (FDA) are an O2O platform that can be seen extensively on consumers' smartphones, tab, and navigational services. These are the platform-to-consumer market participants and the predicted market volume of $79,608 million in 2021. 



Revenue from Food Delivery App 


$56,936 million 

United State 

$28,486 million 


$11,666 million 



These statistics show that consumers have been more engaging on Food delivery apps after the pandemic. 

Restaurant App Development companies in India and USA have become extremely popular for reasons related to their ability to  

(a) facilitate quick and convenient food delivery to customers' doorsteps and  

(b) give restaurants more opportunities to increase revenue without increasing their seating capacities. 

Today's online services and fast delivery lifestyle have increased the dependence on restaurant mobile app developers so that consumers can get user-friendly applications.  

To grab the Online Food Ordering App in the market, companies are looking to partner with the best Food Delivery App Development Company to develop and launch their food delivery apps. 

Stay on this blog if you want assistance in knowing how much a restaurant app development will cost, which makes people more attractive and engaging. Let’s move on to the next part for more details. 

Factors on which app costs depend 


The most complicated entity in app development is logical coding. And who wants to take on that complex task, especially when owners have other work to deal with? For such a task, dependency on Food Delivery App Development Company becomes necessary. But the factors on which costs depend need to be taken care of. So, the factors on which the investment is made are:-  

  • Type of Mobile App. 

  • Backend Infrastructure. 

  • The platform on which you want to run. 

  • Which technologies make user friendly for the audience? 

  • At last app development team or need a freelancer. 

So, what are the types of mobile apps with the cost? 

Type of Mobile App. 

Mobile app cost: Food Delivery App Development Company Vs. Freelancer 




Classic mobile app 



Interactive Apps 



Web application 




Now you think it’s better to hire a freelancer, right? Just ask yourself a question first. Would you like to hire a freelancer with one mindset for your project, or do you need to hire a company that handles your project cost and advice you according to your app goals and target audience? It’s a one-time investment, so why compromise the quality of the project? 


So, as you have seen, the cost is not fixed by any company or developer. It depends on the app's vision, the type of technology you want to use for your app, and so on. 

Which is better for Online Food Ordering App Development:  

Native Restaurant Mobile App, Web-based Mobile App or Hybrid App 



Native Mobile App 

Hybrid App 

Web-Based Mobile App 


They are designed for specific Operating systems like android or iOS. Not accessible through browser. 

Both the techniques of Web & Native are adopted in a hybrid app. 

It can be accessed on any device which has an internet connection. 


If coding is done for a specific OS like Android OS, it won’t work for Apple iOS. 


Code usability is minimum 

Run on more than one OS. 

It’s a responsive app, that doesn’t need an installation device. 


Fast delivery and super response 

Slower than Native app. So, focus more on user interface performance. 

Have great response, but slower than Native. 


It’s a little bit expensive, as it is built for a specific OS. 

Its cost is average because maintenance is much simpler. 

They are the cheapest 


Backend- the backbone of food delivery software 


Backend is the important section in restaurant mobile app software. Therefore, choosing the right back-end developers can improve your app service speed. Those who don't know why the backend team is important for building an app, then we will explain it to you in simple words. 

The backend team manages and securely handles all the processes from customer registration and login to checkout payments. So, backend professionals generally provide solutions to app-related problems.  

Being an owner, who doesn't want to provide easy navigation to your target audience? That's why the backend team works in such a way that every user can access all your apps' features and interfaces smoothly.  

There are lots of technologies that are integrated to make a stable and secure backend. If you don't have knowledge about it, it's better to discuss and take advice from an IT consultant company. They can save you time selecting the right resources to make the development process more manageable. What framework is included in the backend? Let's have a look. 


  • An open-source framework by Microsoft for server-side scripting. 

  • An open-source framework for mobile and mobile applications 

  • Text boxes, button and label making. You can create your own user controls according to your requirement. 

  • It’s best for event driven model- chatting, video streaming 

  • Still trying to compete node.js 

  • Fast delivery & high performance 

  • The primary language used is C# 

  • Uses JavaScript 

  • Multi-threaded-required less development time 

  • Single-threaded nature- compatible with various platforms. 

  • It has trustworthy communities like Cisco, Intel, etc. 

  • Has more popular community: NASA also switched to node.js 


Features need to be included in every restaurant mobile app. 


Before hiring a Restaurant app development company in India or the USA, ensure that whatever features and functionalities you choose may attract your target audience and won't leave your page soon. Here are a few hand-picked features for you: 

  • Push notification if user stays on page more than 5 sec. 

  • Easy navigation with attractive images. 

  • Interesting Discounts on a daily basis. 

  • Digital menu option with feedback. 

  • Easy payment gateway. 

  • Real time CPS tracking of parcel. 

  • Social media integration. 

  • Reviews- to know your customers in a better way. 

  • Accurate Address with contact number. 

Front end framework: For attractive UI and UX 


Who said mobile apps are our future? The truth is it's our present. It entirely transferred our way of thinking and lifestyle. For example, 90% of buyers use a smartphone to place an order. Thus, this number has proved that people find connecting with others through mobile apps or websites easier. It's all because of an incredible feature that keeps them engaging on mobile.  

Restaurant mobile apps are the best way of branding without wasting your customer's time. 

In these terms, some restaurant owners hire Food Delivery App Development Company when facing a choice between Flutter and React Native. 


React Native 

  • Google created it- An open-source, cross-platform framework. 

  • Open-source framework. Created by Facebook. 

  • Single codebase. Dart programing language 

  • Works on JavaScript programing language. 

  • Its UI library has readymade buttons & elements 

  • A rich repository library 

  • The platform has handy tools so that you can build and deploy MVP products. 

  • Reduces App size 

  • Smoothly operates on iOS and Android. 

  • Run on iOS, Android and other platforms like the Microsoft Universal Window platform. 


It is true that developing an online food delivery app will require numerous resources. An establishment that has just been established requires time to develop, flourish, draw in clients, etc. We can assist you in investing in mobile app development if you are still confused about investing in app development. 

For your restaurant app estimate, contact QServices. 

Look for professionals if you've decided to hire a restaurant app development company. Since we have experienced developers, our team is available to address any queries you may have regarding a general estimate of your project's cost and an anticipated completion date. Make contact with us right away to start tomorrow's company expansion.